Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Sensible Voice on Immigration

I have commented before that amidst talks on climate change, sustainable resources, immigration and economy politicians are failing to talk about the elephant in the room. Population. The latest man to step up and talk sense is the Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.

There is one other man who is an ardent campaigner on the subject, Sir David Attenborough, who has not only been vocal on the subject in his television roles but is committed to action personally, as patron of the Optimum Population Trust. In a recent series he examined the effect an increasing global population could have

For me it's simple. Too many people equals not enough resources. Not enough resources equals problems. But the situation is not the same across the world. In Spain for example, the population is shrinking. In other European countries too. But in our own country, and in the world as a whole, more and more people are struggling to live on a finite planet.

The issue is a complicated one. Regulation on childbirth as is enacted in China is widely regarded as breaching human rights. Immigration has also become a twisted issue, entangled in race, religion and identity. Yet these issues in themselves are similarly the product of a burgeoning population.

UKIP are the only party with a clear policy on the issue
. We are not afraid to be the bravest party and stand up and offer what everyone else is too scared to say. It's not about discrimination and it's not about uprooting hoards of people. It's about imposing a moratorium allowing Britain to stop, think, readjust and catch her breath.

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