Thursday, 20 September 2012

Unscrupulous but not sexist!

Insurance Companies.
Custodians of morality.
Purveyors of good will and justice.
Never the sort of industry to make assumptions, jump to conclusions and forge the edifice of their profit upon the shifting sands of prejudice.
This is why the EU, as a bastion of equality and sense, will impose the new EU Gender Directive on car insurance this December.
How utterly despicable that in this day and age, insurance companies decide how much your premium is going to be based upon likelihood to crash your car!

It is only right, surely, that women drivers be forced to pay up to £2,000 MORE a year, despite, generally, being safer and more prudent drivers than their brothers, boyfriends and husbands.

Now traditionally, women pay less than men for car insurance because statistics show that they have fewer accidents and cause less damage when they are involved in a crash. But the good people of Brussels aren't fans of tradition. So they decided it was better to bar insurers from charging men more than women based on the expectation of higher and more frequent payouts.

It is estimated the average woman will end up paying an extra £362 a year, or around £30 a month. Yet for female teens, the price hike could be more like 94%, pushing the total cost to £2000, which, let's face it, most teenagers cannot afford.

Sorry Susan, we cannot afford your car insurance. Better you walk home by yourself at night or take a dodgy looking minicab. Or you could stay at home and put the supper on.

The money will essentially be used to subsidide the lower premiums male drivers of the same age will enioy - although the drop in their insurance is likely to be only 9%.

So all's fair once again. We have the safest drivers covering the costs of the accidents of the most reckless, insurance companies opportunising and harvesting huge profits and the EU smiling beatifically at the balance they are forging as the arbiters of equality in Europe.

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