Thursday, 22 April 2010

Embracing modern technology through necessity

Apologies for a long period since posts. It's so unbelievably busy in UK politics, and trying to mix that with the Brussels agenda would mean needing 34 hours in a day!
It's been chaos and confusion with the ash cloud grounding flights and Parliament ballsing up this month's voting.

I've grilled Baroness Ashton over her views on the Falklands ahead of an EU summit with Latin America.

I've attacked the Commission over Common Asylum Policy.

And have opposed the transfer of millions of peoples personal and banking details from the EU to America.

And that's as well as radio, tv, election launch, magazines, papers and general political heave-ho.

So please excuse my absence, and rather than allow me to write an epic blog post of everything I have said or done, let the power of multi-platform media give you verbatim all of the week's action! Feel free to comment on what you see and hear

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