Monday, 11 January 2010

All Is Fair In Love And War?

I have never quite followed this old adage. In truth, nothing is fair in neither love nor war? Does the state of continual injustice that wartime brings thus move the goalposts on fairness? Blacks and whites become murky acceptable greys?
Oh Baroness Ashton would think so!
The new EU Foreign Policy Chief faced a grilling from Parliament today,with her former membership of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament(CND) brought up once again. Speculation that she received monies from Moscow, who at the time were the "enemy" of the West, have been rabidly suppressed. Concealing links with Soviet Russia and Communism is a must in an organisation doing it's best to disguise the fact that in many ways it is the Eastern Bloc all over again. Did she still support unilateral CND? When did she change her mind?
Her answers were evasive and opaque. Instead she stated that what was relevant in the 1970s was not relevant in 2010. Sounds a bit like an admittance doesn't it?
But why is this not relevant? Why does Ashton think she can work for the enemy 30 years back and then take on the role of the European Union's Foreign Policy supremo without acknowledging these prior links? Why is someone with her past even at the helm of united foreign policy. Why do we even need a united foreign policy?
Any comments on the issue would be welcome!

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