Thursday, 20 October 2011


If the reports are to be believed and Colonel Gaddafi has indeed been killed in Sirte it will represent the dawn of a new day for Libyans who have suffered under his regime for more than forty years.

However it is in many respects a shame that he was not brought to trial in The Hague and his cronies may well now seek to flea prosecution on the global stage.

We must not forget that Gaddafi was not only a tyrant but also incredibly calculating and was able to woo his foreign counterparts who then allowed him to remain installed as a dictator for the four decades he ruled over Libya.

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  1. Good riddance!!!! Someone who will be remembered for looting the country for 42 years!!!! Hope Syria and Yemen follow suit.Hope Arab spring revolts succeed and eliminate all forms of monarchy and usher in democratic and clean governments.