Friday, 6 November 2009

Avoiding talking about the obvious...

It's been ratified, signed sealed and delivered and now the debate has turned into what could be done about it and what should be done about it. Should we just let bygones be bygones and brush it under the carpet? Should we try to unpick it bit by bit? Should we just have a Referendum on leaving altogether? The sad thing is while all this hot air continues to muffle the real debate, nothing will actually be done. Just to silence everyone wouldn't it be easier to just ask, once and for all, what the British people think? Just do it? It's the only way anyone of any opinion could even start to settle the debate. It's become a case of he says she says they think they disgagree but all of the debate is utterly futile if all we get are various meaningless polls, commissioned by people who know exactly what result they want when the questions are drawn up.
Sometimes the most obvious,most democratic of choices are distorted and twisted and misrepresented and overcomplicated and concealed by a small minority who believe they have the right to decide on behalf of everyone or have decided the general public are not educated enough or capable of making the right decision.
I accepted an invitation to appear on Dragon's Eye on BBC Wales last night. The hot topic was of course the Lisbon Treaty.

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