Monday, 16 November 2009

Coming to a screen near you...

It's been a long time since I have been able to frequent the cinema but a new silverscreen advert kicking about at the moment might make the journey all the more worthwhile.

If you are popping down to the flicks in the near future it may be worthwhile making sure you're in on time to catch all the trailers. Why? Because this little piece of cinematic history may well be broadcast .

It's amazing that lobbyists such as the TPA are having to go to such extraordinary lengths to get the truth disseminated when we are supposed to have such a broadreaching media gifted with free speech. I hope that the advert awakens people to the financial implications of our membership and opens up to them the facts that are oft so keenly hidden from public scrutiny.

Also helping our case this week may be Herman Van Rompuy. He's now the frontrunner in the EU Presidential candidacy race, and is supposedly a hot pick with Sarko and Merkel. Why then would he help out us Eurosceptics?
Well according to The Telegraph
, Van Rompuy would like to see symbols of EU identity and membership plastered around the member states, including the Euro flag replacing current national symbols on licence plates and identity cards (oh yes, them!) and more EU paraphernalia such as flags and a National Anthem disseminated across the continent. Why would this please us? Well my feeling is this would be such an abhorrent development to the average Brit it would expose the EU and the Lisbon Treaty for what it is and send reverberations of discontent throughout the country. Discontent that I am still sure would be magnified were the plain and simple facts about EU membership given to the British public.

And if that wasn't enough, Herman is also keen on direct EU taxes! Bring on the Flem and we'll give you the bile!


  1. I went to Tonypandy to visit relatives, well the place looks so poor,Wales thought it would get help from the EEC,all its got is bloody poverty,the wealth has gone to Europe,along with all the real jobs, The little film says it all. in 1910 the people of Tonypandy rioted. now they live of the meagre crumbs from the welfare state,& do nothing to help them selves.It will stay the same, unless the people vote for men & women that want to enrich the people, and not enrich them selves like the SCUM that are in power now.UKIP now look like they can be trusted.

  2. Yep i spent 2 days in greece and seeing all these lazy fat stupid eurobastards eating my money! CHANGEE!!!!