Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Child's Pay

News that we pay £24m to foreign children in benefits has not been widely reported, despite the shocking truth of the story.

Due to EU law, the children of migrant workers are entitled to the same minimum benefits as UK kids, or top-ups if their country's benefits system falls short of ours.
This mean kids in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania etc are receiving benefits from our country simply because one of their parents works here. They can receive the same amount as those in the UK, £20 a week, if their own country does not have a child benefits system, or top ups where there is one.

Figures from the Treasury show some 38,000 children in Poland receive benefits, or some 20%. That's one in five Polish kids. We are also paying for the support of 1,200 families in France, which if you ask me is sheer madness in a country that should well afford their own welfare state.

Perhaps Mr Johnson would like to apologise for this too?
(I don't often link to The Guardian but I thought it was quite novel to do so on this matter...)

As far as I can see we may as well just write a checque to Poland, although that wouldn't go down too well. Strange that the annual checque to the EU is somehow supported then, when this is the sort of lunacy that we pay for.

One might hope that they would apply a similar system in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and pay our expats to send money home here. I'd imagine they could afford it.
We can't.

If you think watching thousands and thousands of interest roll over as our national debt continues to increase is entertaining then knock yourself out at
Add that to the fact that:

The European Union costs us £65 billion gross every year, or about £1,000 each every year for every man, woman and child in the UK. And it increases every year.

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